20.01.2013 — One Day Around Koh Samui — Один день на Самуи

Рассказ «One Day Around Koh Samui» об одном из дней на Самуи написан моей дочерью Алисой, которой скоро исполняется 9 лет. Привожу ее рассказ без правок, «как есть».

One Day Around Koh Samui

  1. My amazing adventure started off being a normal morning but soon was an amazing day….. I woke up feeling great.  Today me, my Dad, Mila, Max and friends were going on an adventure around Koh Samui.
  2. First we had breakfast, got ready to go and got the car. Then we picked up all of our friends and started our trip.
  3. First we picked up Tania, Sasha, Timmy and Tania’s father, then we picked up Slava, Ira and Sasha. Then we went to an Aqua Park where we played and had heaps and heaps of fun.
  4. Then we went to Budda’s Footprint a nice place the only minus was that there were so many stairs!!!
  5. Then we went to The Laem Sor Chedi another nice place where there were lots of crabs. I bought a drink and we were off.
  6. Next up was Wat Khao Chedi. My feet really hurt there because there were lots of rocks.
  7. Then was the most beautiful place I ever saw. Namuang waterfall 2. We went up a big hill to get there but it was worth the time.
  8. Then we went to a market where I got a strawberry shake and some pizza.
  9. Then we went shopping, dropped our friends off at their houses and went home to sleep.
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